Add new features

The feature extraction methods which are not available could be added to the software as Dynamic-Link Library (DLL). When it is intended to add a new feature to the module, features are added to pattern table. The method, which is programmed in any software development environment, can be created in the form of DLL file through using the module’s input and output parameters. The DLL file created is identified to the pattern table and inserted to the software. Thanks to this feature, the software does not remain dependent on a single software development.  In the future, it can be developed using different people and software development environments.
DLL file parameters (respectively)
Function name: getpattern
Function return value type: integer
X (double pointer): address of  the first value of the signal data series
len (integer):The length of the signal data series
srate (integer): The sample rate of the signal
pres (double pointer): address of  the first value of the return values
plen (integer):The length of the the return values series (features count in dll file)
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