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Main form

Toolbox buttons

1. Toolbox buttons

Application menu bar

2. Application menu bar

Select all signals check

3.  Select all signals check

Features checklist

4.  Features checklist

Annotations checklist

5.  Annotations checklist

Select analysis type

6. Select analysis type
In Analysis Type section, it is determined whether the analysis to be performed is event-based or not. If it is event-based, a new analysis table is created by considering options such as which event, which period, the epoch length.
If you choose full record,  features exracted epoch by epoch for entire records . Epoch length is defined before database create.

Select event period

7.  Select event period
This selections define epoch onset and duration. So you can analysis different periods of events. In the following picture, periods is visually described.
If you choose before event and epoch length is 1 second,
Epoc onset = Event onset-1sn
Epoc duration= 1sn
If you choose end of event and epoch length is 1.5 second,
Epoc onset = Event onset+duration-1.5sn
Epoc duration= 1.5sn
If you choose full event,
Epoc onset = Event onset
Epoc duration= Event duration

Epoch length

8. Epoch length
This selections define epoch duration of event bases analysis.

Analysis tables list

9.  Analysis tables list
In the Tables list box, different analysis tables can be chosen and activated. If the active table changes, the other lists are updated.

Detail list

10.  Detail list
In Detail section, number of events and minimum and maximum duration of events are listed for each patient. 

File list

11. File list

Databases list

12.  Databases list
In the Database list box, any database can be chosen and activated. If the active database changes, the other lists are updated.

Signals checklist

13.  Signals checklist
In Signals list box, the signals existing in the EDF file chosen are listed. Here, the desired signals are chosen and included in the analysis or they are excluded from the analysis without being chosen. When a signal is chosen here, the features of this signal are listed in the Features and Annotation list boxes.

Choose event

14. Choose event
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