What is PSGMiner?

Today, there is a strong need for a common platform that would allow rapid interaction between clinicians, signal processing and machine learning methodologies.
PSGMiner is a software tool that allows clinicians and researchers of various scientific fields to easily collaborate.
Fig. An example of Main Form displayed on PSGMiner. PSGMiner is an efficient PSG reader with fast evolution capabilities.
· PSGMiner is a fast and extensible visualization and analysis platform.
· PSGMiner is a tool for clinicians and for methodologists.
· There is no similar software that is capable of analyzing all PSG (Polysomnography) data
· Different classifications can be made with various attributes having the desired epoch lengths
· The software proves quite easy to make any change in any part of the software or to add a new module into it
· The data obtained can be exported, which allows them to be used in different classification software
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